Boat Tours In Hawaii

What Are Boat Tours In Hawaii Like?

Getting to Hawaii is something that millions dream of, but not so many actually accomplish. If you are able to pull it off, then you need to make sure you see and do as much as you can while you’re in this island chain of a state.

Getting to the archipelago is usually done by flying, although many show up briefly on cruise ships. It’s possible to rent a car to get around most islands, but some of the best aspects of this island chain aren’t on land but in the nearby waters. Boat tours in Hawaii help you make the most of the overall experience. Keep reading to learn the specific charms and options of each particular island.

Boat tours available on the big island feature anything you want, from excitement to romance to mythological lore. One of the biggest draws for people visiting here is the sunset cruising, particularly off the Kona coast, which is renown around the world. When there is lava flowing, you can catch a charter boat that heads to the southeast end of the island. Here, you can witness for yourself the harsh beauty of fiery lava flowing into the sea. The work of the island goddess of Pele is fierce but undeniably beautiful.

If you want the best possible boat tour on Kauai, then head for the Na Pali coast. The sensational sights here are untouchable. If you’re looking to actually interact with the wildlife of the ocean, choose a tour that lets you snorkel or swim with friends like sea turtles, dolphins, and much more.

You won’t find any disappointment at Lanai. If you can sail to the somewhat secret backside of this island. Dolphins are just some of the abundant tropical ocean wildlife commonly seen and enjoyed.

Maui is a must-see if you have time, and there are plenty of options here. Boat tours happen day and night. See the early morning glory of the Pacific dawn, or take a dinner cruise that features a sunset as romantic as anything you’ve ever seen. Whale-watching is something everyone should do once, and the snorkeling here is great to experience too.

Molokai is a bit outside the normal tourist routes, but sailing through its craggy and stunning coast isn’t something you should miss. These are among the tallest sea cliffs known to man, so you’re not likely to get another chance to see something like this anytime soon.

Boat tours on Oahu let you be a spectator, but you can also see and do it all with excursions and activities. If sightseeing is all you want to do, that’s perfectly fine, but Oahu has anything from dinner and dusk to snorkeling and whale-watching cruises to choose from. You can even climb up the famous Diamond Head or picnic at a sugar plantation.

Take some kind of rain gear with you. The weather is normally lovely, but it can turn at times. For that matter, you might just want to stay dry from splashing, possibly from whales! A windbreaker or jacket with a hood is usually enough to keep you warm and dry.

Make sure you take along some kind of seasickness medication. Even if you’re not prone to it previously, the waters of the Pacific might be a little more choppy than you’re used to. You don’t want to lose a whole day that might never be replaced because you get woozy.

Definitely bring your smartphone along so you can capture the photos and videos that help you cherish your memories for the rest of your life. Having said that, just make sure you actually take time out to enjoy the experience for yourself while you’re there. There are things that phones just can’t capture that your memory can.

If you want to do something like snorkeling, scuba, or snuba, but you’re not sure how to consider taking a class on one of the islands that prep you for water activity. Many boat tour providers offer these as part of their packages.

Visiting Hawaii is something you should do at least once. The islands themselves are beautiful, but you should make sure you see them from the water too, as well as what’s in these magical waters too.