As you know, the Internet has revolutionized the real estate market by providing a complete list of every property on the market, available from anywhere. Video, images, interactive animations and virtually unlimited text allow the seller to describe the unique advantages of each particular listing. Buyers can search by price, location or specific features from the comfort of their homes.

The revolution is even more dynamic in the competitive vacation rental market, where prospective guests are able to view the furnishings, amenities and the all-important views of our island paradise, before booking.

Here are 4 reasons to choose Kauai Digital to market your property online:

    KAUAI DIGITAL uses the latest high-end SLR digital cameras, lighting and equipment to capture the optimum vision of your property. Each image is computer enhanced to provide true-color viewing, and we typically add digital fruit bowls and flower bouquets as needed for that special finishing touch. KAUAI DIGITAL has developed proprietary processes to eliminate the "white-out" problem around windows and doors, typical of interior shots. Our new High Definition (HD) viewer provides a bigger, brighter, clearer virtual tour than all others. This viewer was created in a Flash format so over 98% of all internet users can view our virtual tours without a special download.
    KAUAI DIGITAL has been producing thousands of virtual tours of Kauai properties since the last millenium. We have developed many methodologies, procedures and tricks for optimum presentation of the special features of your listing. We have created compelling websites and virtual tours for both the sales and vacation rental markets.
    Besides our technology and experience, KAUAI DIGITAL has an edge over every photographer on this island. We can provide a bird's-eye-view of your property to enhance your virtual tour. We have amassed a library of aerial images encompassing most sections of the island, and we are continuously adding to this library. KAUAI DIGITAL also has a compact, battery-powered, 50-foot lift to provide that unique perspective of your listing and its relationship to the magnificent mountains, oceans and natural features of our beautiful island.
    You as a Kauai realtor, can have confidence that with our Technology, Experience and Edge, KAUAI DIGITAL will provide your listing with a powerful, compelling online presence. KAUAI DIGITAL’S virtual tours are a proven, effective sales tool for many of the realtors on this island.

Take a closer look at how we can make your property really shine online:

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