Kauai Deep Sea Fishing

Kauai Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Formed more than six million years ago by eruptions of large volcanoes, Kauai is the second oldest island among all the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is commonly also referred to as the “Garden Isle” majorly because of its large array of tropical flowers blooming with bright and beautiful colors. Kauai is often visited by thousands of people yearly for various purposes.

Around the Kauai coasts, the Pacific ocean bubbles with amazing sea life and amazing sea creatures. It would be enough to just stand to gaze at the deep blue waters, as the calming breeze slowly strokes your hair and renders your soul weightless, but there’s also another important attraction on this island which gathers attraction from all over the world; Sea fishing.

Whether it is for a nice serene vacation or just for the love of deep-sea fishing, you can not deny this amazing location as the perfect place to spend your vacation. Unsurprisingly, it is a hot spot for tourism, filmmakers, honeymoon, and vacation.

Deep-Sea fishing is a type of fishing that is done out in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean. The water depth is usually more than 35 meters for it to be referred to as “Deep Sea”  fishing. This type of fishing is not for the faint-hearted. If you get seasick out on large oceans by boat, you should be equipped with medication. Deep Sea fishing is often referred to as Sportfishing or Big game fishing.

Difference between Deep Sea fishing and Regular fishing

Apart from the difference in their names, there are major differences between deep sea and regular fishing. In fishing in the Pacific ocean, you are exposed to a wide array of fishes that you normally will not find in smaller rivers and ponds. We are talking about big game fishes like Sharks, tuna, marlin and swordfish, just to mention a few. Normally, you will never find these types of fishes anywhere close to shore (we all are grateful for that). You would have to go deeper into the ocean to find them because they need wider, deeper waters to feed.

All around the world, there are several water bodies that are perfect for deep sea fishing, but not many can stand on the same level as the Kauai deep sea. Every year, thousands of people travel to Kauai for deep sea fishing. To some people, it has become a necessary tradition. If you are one of the thousands planning to travel to Kauai for deep sea fishing, I recommend you utilize one of the best companies in the business Ohana Fishing Tours.

Ohana fishing tours are just off the coast of Kapa’a Eastside, and the chief operator is an experienced veteran in deep sea fishing, Captain Lance Keener. If you want to be among one of the few to catch “The big one”, then Captain Lance is your guy. With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Captain Lance offers you the fishing experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Imagine you are on the beautiful island of Kauai and you are just about to embark on the greatest fishing adventure of the century boarding the 30 X 10 fishing vessel. You are pumped up and confident about your chances out on the water because you are being led by one of the best. Even when you eventually get lucky and catch a big one, Ohana’s fishing vessel has state of the art equipment that can handle the biggest Trophy fish. They are simply the best!

Important points to note while Deep sea fishing in Kauai

  • Connect with your environment.  Fishing experts like Captain Lance of Ohana fishing tours can locate where big fishes are in the ocean by connecting with certain natural indicators like seagulls circling a particular area indicates the presence of smaller fish, which also indicates the presence of much larger fish that feed on the smaller fish.
  • Watch out for Dolphins.  We all can agree that Dolphins are adorable, but they are also a protected species so watch out for them when fishing for tuna because Dolphins and Tuna typically move together.
  • Watch out for Seasickness.  If you are an amateur who has no experience fishing in the oceans of Kauai, the sea might take you by surprise. Luckily, there are medications to alleviate symptoms.
  • Sail with the Experts.  As an amateur, it is advisable to board with deep sea fishing experts who can ensure your safety and fishing success. Experts like the folks at Ohana fishing tours know a lot about fishing in deep waters and can adequately guide you.

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